From the due diligence phase to the collateral review phase and, if necessary, to the receivables liquidation phase, On-Site Associates, LLC provides quality receivables collection and portfolio evaluation services to the Lending Community.

On-Site Associates, LLC offers the following services:

To provide you with this knowledge, On-Site Associates, LLC will visit your borrower in order to:

  • Analyze current and historical receivables portfolio performance statistics and trends.
  • Perform a detailed credit risk analysis of major receivable balances.
  • Identify product and industry specific factors that may affect the net realizable value of the A/R portfolio, based on a variety of operating and non-operating scenarios.
  • Assess the adequacy of credit screening, credit risk controls, staffing levels, systems capabilities and all operational areas that can impact the value of the receivables portfolio.
  • Assign a liquidation value to the receivables portfolio under various operating and non-operating scenarios.
  • Identify the critical factors to be considered by the lender should the borrower later decide to cease normal operations, either in and out of bankruptcy

Our portfolio evaluation services are particularly useful when existing loans are scheduled for renewal, classified as non-performing or under-performing, or should the borrower file for bankruptcy protection or undergo an out of court insolvency-type proceeding.